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Fasteners manufacturer in China. Maihong Fasteners.

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Why choose us

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    We are in China

    Our company, as well as our manufacturing facilities are located in Zhejiang province, close to the biggest seaport - Shanghai. This enables us to reduce costs both in the procurement of raw materials and finished products for export.

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    We comply with the terms of production

    Along with the wide application of products the company to quickly produce customized hardware or hardware drawings - we set about developing the most complex products. Development period of 5 working days.

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    Strict control of hardware produced by our company and fasteners allows our customers to be confident in the quality of products. This is confirmed by numerous international certificates of quality of our hardware.

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    Our partners - transport companies helps us to deliver to the "door" of your stock in any region of Russia and the world.

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    Prices from the manufacturer

    When purchasing hardware wholesale directly from the manufacturer, you will save considerable funds, which can convert your income or reinvested in business expansion.

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    All our employees from technicians in production to the sales team well versed in the product and are ready to advise you on any matters related with hardware and fasteners.

Our Products

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    Get the best prices

    Drywall Screws
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    Sleeve Anchors
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    Nuts and Bolts
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    Special Fasteners
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How it works

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    Call us or send a request 1
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    Calculation production possibilities 2
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    Calculation of manufacturing time and costs 3
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    Commercial offer 4
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    Advance payment 5
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    Raw material quality control 6
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    Setting up equipment and starting production 7
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    Finished products testing 8
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    Packing and shipping finished products to the Customer 9


  • In-time production and delivery
  • Fully match customer's drawing and customer's needs
  • The ability to manufacture a wide range of fasteners
  • Fasteners production according to customer’s samples

Application Fields

  • Construction industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Mineral industry
  • Timber industry
  • Food industry
  • Electric Power industry
  • Paper industry
  • Light industry
  • Atomic industry
  • Gas industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Coal mining industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Production of building materials
  • Health care industry
  • China and Crockery industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Woodwork industry
  • Process industry
  • Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy
  • Glass industry
  • Microbiology industry
  • Print industry
  • Assemble industry

Additional services

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    Production according your drawing

    We can produce non-standard hardware and fasteners for your requirements with that match drawing or sample. We guarantee good quality. We perform the task in the shortest possible time and arrange delivery of your product.

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    Increase the resources of hardware and fasteners to 300%, improve product durability and strength class in vacuum thermo. Also during the manipulation of the heating / cooling is an increase in corrosion and erosion resistance, and removal of residual stresses in the product.

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    With surface coating products other metals (chromium, copper, zinc, nickel, tin-bismuth, or due to chemical oxidation passivation, anodizing electropolishing or betray your desired product quality and beautiful appearance.

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    Our company is ready to produce fasteners and hardware for your brand. Apply a trademark can be both on the products themselves, as well as on packaging and labels. This will boost the awareness of your own brand.

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