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Fasteners manufacturer in China. Maihong Fasteners.

Hairpin plumbing wholesale from China


Company Maihong Fasteners is a direct manufacturer of sanitary studs (screws, bolts, screw propeller) in China.

Hairpin galvanized wholesale plumbing – a fixing member which is cylindrically shaped with a metric thread on the one hand and the wood screw thread – other. In the middle is hexagon which allows you to use a wrench to tighten.

Plumbing pin used for attaching the sanitary wares, actually why she has such a name. Also, it is often called a screw-pin, screw, screw, screw sanitary.

Plumbing hairpin wholesale from China

The photo plumbing pin 8 * 80 before heat treatment and galvanizing

Our company Maihong Fasteners manufactures and exports a sanitary pin of different sizes in Russia and CIS countries for the past several years. Quality galvanized plumbing stud allows to use it for dozens of years without replacement. Due to the thickness of the zinc coating prorzhaveet it is not even at high humidity for a long time.

Galvanized plumbing stud

Galvanized plumbing hairpin wholesale directly from China will allow you to significantly reduce costs and increase your profits. When working with our factory you have the ability to customize the packaging with your company logo. This will increase awareness of your brand in the region in which you are working.

Manufacturer of sanitary studs in China

Our company is in addition to the sanitary studs also produces other items of hardware and fasteners. Please contact us in any convenient way for you.

Buy plumbing wholesale screw-pin. Price.

If your company is engaged in the wholesale plumbing studs, then just contact us and we you get the best wholesale price for a sanitary pin at the moment. Since our company is a direct manufacturer of sanitary studs, we can buy as the most popular sizes 8 and 10 * 80 * 100, and all the others, including non-standard sizes.

Below are a few photos from the shipment party sanitary studs in Russia.

Plumbing pin 8 * 80 10 * Sanitary hairpin hairpin 100 Sanitary wholesale from China

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