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Rivets wholesale from manufacturer


Rivets wholesale from China – is the kind of fixture, which appeared recently, but immediately found a wide application in
many industries and construction. Our company Maihong Fasteners been manufacturing and exporting thread and rivets, which you can buy in bulk at a price from the manufacturer.

We sell and threaded rivets wholesale directly from China that allows you to have the lowest possible prices and to increase the profitability of your business.

Today we will look at how it made blind rivets in China, how to distinguish high-quality rivets and how to understand whether the quality of rivets factory problems even before you post them to your order.

Exhaust rivets. What is it?

Rivets are usually separated by type, depending on the material. Material and sleeve rivet shank can be both the same and different.

Also rivets differ in the form of a side:

– Rivets with standard rim wholesale – Universal rivet

– Rivets with a broad rim wholesale – view of the rivet intended to deform the exception of material held together,

– Rivets Flush rim wholesale – rivet, which is used in places where need a smooth surface.

Purchase of raw materials.

As we have written above for the manufacture of rivets in China used a few basic types of materials: stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper.

Each of these materials turn divided into several subtypes, which differ in chemical composition and physical characteristics. For example, aluminum is most often used with a manganese content of from 0.8 to 4. The higher manganese content, the harder the core.

The raw material is fed to the plant in mind the wire which had previously pulled out to the desired diameter.

Production of rivets


For the production of exhaust rivets required three types of equipment.

The rod and sleeve are produced separately on a cold heading machines.

The sleeve for exhaust rivets wholesale rivets wholesale

Then blanks for rivets are fed to the machine, which automatically connects two parts of the rivet and the output is a finished product.

Rivets wholesale from China Manufacturer of rivets in China

If you want to be sure that your potential supplier can produce rivets wholesale necessary quality to you, then you definitely worth to evaluate the technical condition of the equipment and the like is controlled by the quality and the physical dimensions of blanks and finished rivets.

Carefully look at what kind of company is the production of equipment for exhaust rivets and threaded at the factory. This is usually a Taiwanese equipment, Chinese top manufacturers or cheap Chinese manufacturers.
Rate technical condition of the equipment.
Request logs with records of measurements of rivets during a work shift. Every machine eventually wear out and are beginning to emerge from the standard deviation in the size of the rod and the sleeve. To prevent big trouble factory must always follow this lead and journal entries.
Heat treatment.

Thermally processing necessary rivets in steel to increase the hardness of the material and improve the performance of the rivet.

There are manufacturers who are willing to not process or handle rivets with high enough temperature for the sake of cost reduction.


Rivets are galvanic treatment to assembly stage. Galvanic treatment should be carried out and over the web and on the sleeve.

In order to achieve the desired quality of galvanizing commonly used fully automatic lines.


If your company is engaged in wholesale trade in metal products and fasteners, then buy wholesale rivets from China from the manufacturer – Maihong Fasteners can give you an extra edge.

In order for our factory you have the opportunity to choose the package marked your brand with your logo and company information.

This will increase awareness of your brand in the region in which you are working and you will be less dependent on the local wholesalers, their delivery and their pricing policy.

All the boxes are packed in high quality pallets of lumber and skin-tight plastic film. We can guarantee the safety and integrity of the load!

After loading the container we put the seal and fix the container number and seal Photos. The cargo in the container will come to your store exactly the same amount as we loaded. Shortage excluded!

Exports from China and paperwork.

You have probably been to China and visited the Chinese producers and the threaded rivet extractor. Most of these companies has a license for the export of products and can not recover VAT.

If you plan to continue to develop the market of hardware and fasteners, expand its customer base due to low prices and good quality, you may want to consider working with our company Maihong Fasteners.

You will be satisfied.

Customs clearance in Russia rivets. Delivery “door to door”.

Our company Maihong Fasteners exports to Russia every month several exhaust containers, threaded and other types of rivets from China. We constantly receive information from customs brokers and our clients on how to profitably carry, where customs clearance and mounting hardware wholesale from China.

We already wrote here about the risks of customs on import of metal products in Russia.

Each type of studs, rivets of various materials are under different customs codes, which may have different customs and features of registration.

Our company has established partnerships with customs brokers in ports Vladivostok, Vostochny and St.Petersburg. We are ready for you to do a full cost calculation screws wholesale from China including customs clearance and delivery to your warehouse.

Buy wholesale rivets. Price.

If you do not mind, to save 30-40% of the purchase price exhaust rivets on each delivery, then simply fill out the form below or contact us in any way convenient for you.

Rivets wholesale

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