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Self drilling screws wholesale from manufacturer


Screws wholesale from China – it is certainly something that you are interested in if you have found this article in the search engines. Our factory Maihong Fasteners is located in one of the most developed industrial areas in China – Zhejiang Province, and we specialize in producing various kinds of fasteners and hardware. Phosphated screws for plasterboard, wood and metal Wholesale is one of the main directions of our products.

We have exported containers of screws directly from China to our customers, so ready to offer you the lowest possible price.

Let’s now talk about how it is made screws (phosphated or galvanized), how to control the quality of the self-tapping screws for drywall, wood and metal screws for and how to distinguish quality from poor-quality screws. And most importantly how to find out whether the factory can produce high quality screws before you place your order with them.

Purchase of raw materials

Let’s start with the fact that for the production of screws (for metal, wood, drywall) is commonly used two kinds of low-carbon steel: 1022a and Q235. Steel is supplied to the plant in the bays in the form of the desired wire diameter.


This is a Chinese steel grade, the numbers 235 mean index of the yield stress, which is equal to 235 Mpa for this steel. This type of raw materials used for cheap self-tapping screws that are not thermally processed. We do not recommend that you buy such screws wholesale in China, but all the same if you need oochen low price, then you can consider this option. However, the screws of the q235 steel screw does not turn into something harder than wood. So be prepared.


This is the most common type of steel for the production of self-tapping screws. Screws made of this steel must be tempered, which greatly increases the strength and reliability of screws, but at the same time increases the cost of production. This kind of self-tapping screws may be used for working with metal. So if you are planning to buy screws wholesale in China, then you should definitely choose this kind of steel, which is currently considered the best ratio of price and quality.

If you are not sure of which produces steel screws your supplier, you can pay attention to the markings on the coils of wire that are in stock. On labeling, you should see the steel grade. If the marking of the bay you have not seen, that is a serious reason to think about the reliability of the manufacturer.

Screws wholesale price from China

Raw materials for the production of self-tapping screws.

If you have already placed an order and want to be sure of the quality of screws, just email us, we are ready to take a sample of your party and conduct laboratory analysis of physical properties and chemical composition of the steel.


Just screw the production is carried out on two machines: cold heading machine and thread rolling machine.

Not the first wire cutting machine tool comes to the segment of desired length, depending on the size of the screw, and the formation of the cap.

screws production in China

On thread rolling machine on the workpiece is threaded on the workpiece.

Screws from China wholesale from the manufacturer

If you arrive at the factory screws manufacturer in China and are not sure that the quality and the physical size of screws will meet your requirements, you will need to pay attention to several points:

Carefully look at what kind of company is the equipment for the production of screws at the factory. This is usually a Taiwanese equipment, Chinese top manufacturers or cheap Chinese manufacturers.
Rate technical condition of the equipment.
Request logs with records of measurements size of screws for a work shift. Every machine eventually wear out and are beginning to emerge from the standard deviation in the size of the screw. To prevent big trouble factory must always follow this lead and journal entries.
Manufacturer of screws in China

Records of the metering screws size on Maihong Fasteners factory.


If you have plans to buy screws wholesale in China from the manufacturer, you will definitely be worth to pay attention to how and where the manufacturer carries out the heat treatment of screws. This is a very important step that affects the technical characteristics of the screw even more than all the others.

Our company carries out Maihong Fasteners heat treatment of screws and other fasteners on the dedicated facility, the largest in the province of Zhejiang in the industry.

They heat treatment for screws and drywall screws for metal is much more expensive than a small handicraft factories. But why do we choose them?

At this plant are 7 lines for heat treatment only screws. Thus large screws and small hardened on two different lines. Why do it?

The fact that the heat treatment of small screws of screw sizes room temperature falls directly into the furnace at a temperature of about 500 degrees.

Buy wholesale hardware and fasteners in China

larger Self tempered line with a gradual increase in temperature, this is done in order to screw not bend sharply from a high temperature.

If you’ve bought screws wholesale in China, it is possible you have encountered with the fact that thin and long screws slightly bent. This happens precisely because the screws are all sizes heat treatment on the same line.

Some factories are engaged in the thermal treatment of screws and other fasteners and hardware to reduce costs and increase productivity screws stacked in multiple layers in the heat treatment line. Because of this, the portion of hardware and fasteners, which is considerably worse in the middle and has a processed worst performance.

Buy screws wholesale from the manufacturer in China

Self, who had just passed the heat treatment.

electro galvanized

The quality and reliability of the coating (zinc coating, oxidation) strongly depends on the thickness of the layer. How thick a coating layer, in turn, depends on the time during which the hardware found in a bath with the required solutions.

Screws for drywall from China wholesale from proizvoditelyaOksidirovannye screws wholesale buy

Fully automatic line for the oxidation and galvanized screws.

In order to ensure a uniform coating layer screw, our company Maihong Fasteners before it processes the screws on the blasting equipment. Many factories to save it.


If you plan to buy from China wholesale screws from our factory – Maihong Fasteners, we offer you the opportunity to order the screws in their original packaging with your company logo. This will increase awareness of your brand in the region in which you work and you do not depend on the local wholesalers, their delivery and their pricing policy.

All the boxes are packed in high quality pallets of lumber and skin-tight plastic film. Thus we can guarantee the safety and integrity load.

Self those crepe wholesale from China

On the container is hung up and seal the cargo comes to your warehouse in the same container, in the same quantity and condition both when loading in our factory.

We have available to order as an individual packaging for retail stores and supermarkets and industrial packaging. It’s your choice.

Exports from China and paperwork

If you have been to China and traveled to the factories – producers of screws, you might pay attention to the fact that many factories do not own a license to export. Some do not, and English-speaking staff. There are even those who can not use a computer, even though these have less. And it’s not a joke.

If you want to have a lot of headaches and spend their time on issues not directly related to sales and the expansion of the customer base, that is, an increase in your earnings, you can try to mark an order for one of these factories.

Our company Maihong Fasteners have a license for the export of hardware products from China and the possibility of return of VAT on exports, which allows us to give the lowest possible prices to our customers.

If you want to find a reliable partner – screws manufacturer in China, you can consider the possibility of working with the company Maihong Fasteners. We better tsitramona relieve customers from constant headaches when dealing with the import of hardware and fasteners from China.

Customs clearance in Russia screws. Delivery “door to door”.

Our company monthly exports to Russia a few dozen containers of screws and other hardware products. We got a great experience, valuable information from our customers, and their customs brokers regarding the features of delivery and customs clearance of hardware in the Russian ports.

We already wrote about the risks that may arise if the user does not pay attention to the elaboration of logistical and financial schemes.

Our company has established partnerships with customs brokers in ports Vladivostok, Vostochny and St.Petersburg. We are ready for you to do a full cost calculation screws wholesale from China including customs clearance and delivery to your warehouse.

Buy wholesale screws in China

Roofing screws wholesale.

Roofing self-tapping screws from China wholesale from the manufacturer, you can purchase from our company Maihong Fasteners. Roofing self-tapping screws are often called for the metal, they are self-tapping screws with a drill, a metal washer and rubber gasket as EPDM. The technology of their production as a whole is not very different from the technology of conventional screws, although there are some features that are worth paying attention to when buying wholesale roofing screws in China:

The quality of galvanizing. Roofing self-tapping screw is subjected to severe environmental influences, so it is necessary to monitor the quality and thickness of the coating.
The thickness, diameter and quality of the material or the EPDM rubber gaskets.
Roofing screws Roofing screws wholesale from china wholesale from proizvoditelyaKrovelnye screws from the manufacturer wholesale

Screws with a press washer wholesale.

Screws with a press washer wholesale from China can be ordered with a drill and sharp. Screws with a press washer is designed for attaching metal profiles and sheet metal to wooden structures.

Screws with a press washer optomSamorezy to press the puck with optomSamorezy presssshayboy wholesale from the manufacturer

Buy in bulk screws. Price.

If you want to know how much you can save by buying screws and other fasteners in bulk in China The company Maihong Fasteners, simply complete the form below or contact us in any way convenient for you.

Screws with a press washer wholesale

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